Packaging regulations & designation of origin

In the past centuries, it would have been entirely impossible to establish a trade business from afar.

Nowadays, almost everything is possible via long-distance. It doesn’t really matter where you live this moment; if you have internet access you can be in-touch with our company, because that is everything you need. And be able to trade within the UAE, by that you will also have access to the trade worldwide.

Both import and export have been substantially simplified in the UAE, as all goods and services can cross any border within the countries in the area. This doesn’t only imply that you don’t pay any customs fees, but you also save time due to the fact that your shipments don’t have to be accompanied by a large array of documents. Doing business with other countries also offers many opportunities; The UAE holds a very strategic position in the world of trade and logistics. Therefore our company is able to be your partner in your business.

We are ready and able to show you the best way with the lowest cost, for export & import of items you need and also ready to give you the best approach for spare parts in general, same as spare parts for marine engines, tower crane, generators, different types of pumps, your company machinery, and so on..

If you want to compete with other similar entrepreneurs, you must constantly ensure that you buy the necessary precursors and quality from reliable suppliers at the best possible prices. If you would like some assistance in that regard, we can help identify solid suppliers and check their creditworthiness and performance.

We can also advise you with large procurement transactions and their corresponding tax settlements.

Due to the very large amount of distributors and drop shipping agencies, it can be tricky to distinguish between sensible and shady companies. It’s advisable to find an associate to help you with such practicalities.

An overview of sales and the competitive situation in a target market is at the top of the toolbox of an exporter and an importer. You will need stay informed at all times--because prices, rules and laws in this sector are constantly changing.

Every delivery of goods or services across each border is recorded statistically worldwide: you will need to focus on various subjects and take important factors into consideration, such as:

  • Customs Export/Import Regulations
  • Other Import Duties
  • Packaging Regulations & Designation of Origin
  • Accompanying Documents
  • Species Conservation (in-situ)

We will discuss all these subjects briefly to you, so you have an idea what you are up against. This will also provide you with some insight regarding your possible potential within this sector and its worldwide market, plus; whether you have anything beneficial or original to add. It’s a highly competitive market that involves a lot of persistence and up-to-date knowledge in order to succeed. The international trade of goods and services is subject to the import rules of the country you are dealing with.

The packaging and labeling requirements for food and beverages, as well as for other products, are generally contained in the UAE Trade Law and the related special regulations.

Hence, we'll make sure these regulations are well observed for your convenience.

If you trade within the borders of the UAE, then the amount of necessary shipping documentation will be on standard items such as a packing slip and accompanying invoice.

For special goods or materials you might need safety documentation and other necessary material for safe and legal transportation base on UAE law.

With this, we're here to guide you through your documentation needs.

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