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Import & export

if you have internet access you can be in-touch with our company, because that is everything you need

Accompanying documents

For special goods or materials you might need safety documentation and other necessary material for safe and legal transportation base on UAE law


we can help identify solid suppliers and check their creditworthiness and performance

Financing export activities

You need to take into consideration that a trade business takes a lot of time and effort to sustain

Market analysis

You will need stay informed at all times, because prices, rules and laws in this sector change constantly

Packaging regulations

The packaging and labeling requirements for food and beverages, as well as for other products, are generally contained in the UAE Trade Law and the related special regulations


Your Goods which are discharged from a sea-going ship will not be discharged at port and we can help you to final destination


Marine Solutions 

Our fleet is manned by highly experienced and professional mariners. Onshore our fleet and crew are supported 24 hours round the clock by an equally professional, efficient and hardworking team of managers and well-trained staff. 

Our Vision & Mission 

Our company is focused on providing our clients safe, efficient and value-driven marine and offshore solution services. We're continuously innovating: we're working into diverse solution services to adapt to the rapidly growing and changing marine offshore industry.

We can assist you in setting up a trade

If you are contemplating a starting a business in UAE, we can assist you during various steps in the process, such as:


Export Processing and Export Documents


Providing Spare Parts from Anywhere in the World


Help you on Buy and Sell


Financial and Fiscal Advice and Services

General issues

We can also help you with other general issues, such as company registration, acquiring a VAT number and opening a bank account. Please feel free to contact us anytime with your questions, or if you would like to receive a personalized quote

We are ready to show you the best way with the lowest cost

About us

Borhan Darya Kish Co 

We specializes in areas of towage,salvage, offshore support, terminal support and maintenance, heavy lift, emergency response and rescue, subsea and marine construction support