Samseas General Trading L.L.C

Is established with long-time experience to provide buy and sell, transit, import, and export services, this company with direct connection to the  producers and manufacturer is able to give you good services.

Many established foreign businesses in the UAE are focused on trade. This is no coincidence, since the UAE thus, has full access to the area Market. That’s not the sole reason though, since the country also has many international trade agreements that facilitate swift import and export options to all corners of the world. Add the excellent infrastructure and a highly developed logistics sector, and you have a perfect base for your import & export business in the UAE. We will cover various topics in this guide, such as establishing , more information about the buy and sell sector and all the relevant applicable laws and regulations.


Here at Sam Seas General Trading, we're ready to show you the best way and the best approach, with the lowest possible cost, for export & import items you need, especially spare parts in general--for marine engines, tower crane, generators, different types of pumps, machineries and the likes.
In a vast and innovative technologies, we can align your business requirements into great position in the indutry, marking up the highest standard of practical solutions, which only few had offered within the emirates, and the world.
We're prepared, in terms of service delivery and international standards. And we're excited about hearing from existing clients who stand by our side as we move forward.
We're expanding, so we're soaring high to make your goals swiftly achievable!
And that is Sam Seas General Trading's promise.

About us

Borhan Darya Kish Co 

We specializes in areas of towage,salvage, offshore support, terminal support and maintenance, heavy lift, emergency response and rescue, subsea and marine construction support